söndag 29 mars 2009


It's been a long time, I know. And I'm sorry about that. My mojo has been MIA for a while, and there's been a whole lot of other things going on lately. Life got in the way, so to speak. This weekend, however, I've actually managed to do something scrappy! Yay! There's a contest going on at a Swedish store, Magdas, right now, and so far I've managed to do three of their challenges. This one is supposed to be a vintage layout. I don't know if I managed to do that style justice, but I gave it a try, at least.
This one was supposed to be inspired by a book cover. There was a ribbon with some knots and bows, and roses, and that's what I chose to have on this layout.
And for this one, we were supposed to draw inspiration from the glamorous 20's. I took out some gorgeous G45 papers... I'll never fall out of love with those papers, for sure, and luckily there were a few of them in the contest kit, so I just had to use them for this. The yellow fringe is from an old curtain my MIL hung in our bedroom when we bought this house, just so that it would look inhabited, even though we redecorated and didn't live here at the moment. The curtain was hideous, and I took it down ASAP, but last year I found it again in the attic, and rescued the fringe before I threw it away. And the colour is so perfect with the Fashionista line.
And speaking of G45... they just opened up a new community, which I of course couldn't help myself from joining, and I think you should too if you like their papers, because there's tons and tons of inspiration! You can find it here.
Thank's for stopping by, and thanks for leaving a comment before you go ;-)

4 kommentarer:

Zarah sa...

Du är så sjukt bra - de är UNDERBARA!! :D

The 80's Me - Miss CutiePie sa...

Sanslöst vackert! Du är inte en scrappare, du är konstnär!

Eva sa...

Your work totally amazes me...everything I see is just scrumptious.....you have so much talent going...love it!!!

Mette sa...

Dessa härliga alster var verkligen värda att vänta på! Helt underbara! :)