lördag 7 mars 2009

Getting ready for spring

We're getting ready for spring here, and it's so nice when you finally can get out in the garden and start getting the flowerbeds and kitchen garden ready. As one of my Zutter projects this months I decided to make a little garden diary, with room for notes about where I planted what, progress, things to do etc.
It's divided into different parts. This is the part where I'm writing about my kitchen garden.
And here's a sketch of what I want it to look like. This is what it looke like last year too, but then everything got ruined by thistles popping up everywhere. You see, there were a few thistles, annoying but manageable, until someone ran over the entire patch with a rotary cultivator before I got a chance to clear out those thistles. The result: tiny pieces of thistle roots everywhere, of course, and they were popping up like crazy! I cleared the entire patch once, but no more than two days later, it was full of tiny thistles again. I did the same procedure twice more, but then I gave up, because there was no way I was able to keep up with those horrible thistles. I don't know what will become of it this year though. I'm still thinking of a solution, but in the meantime, this is what I hope and wish it will look like this year.I also made this little thingy to hang the book on. The hooks are actually pieces of 1" Zutter Owire that I have attatched with Zutter Rivets. The hanger itself is made from a piece of Zutter Clipboard cover that I've cut down to size 4X8"
Here you can see how I fastened the hooks. I carved a little sinkage for each hook, bent the ends of the wires slightly to fit over the rivet and keep them in place and then I hammered them in.
And then I realized I need to have somwhere to cultivate my little seedings, so I made a greenhouse from Zutter clear acrylic covers which I put togetther using Glossy accents, Rivets and owire, to make half the roof openable.
We have tried growing garden cress in it, on a sunny windowsill, and it grew like crazy, but then someone (me) forgot to water it the day before the photo session, so this half sad little ivy had to model instead. But at least, I know it's fully functionable.
Thanks for stopping by.

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TxScrapAddict sa...

Those are awesome projects! I've gotta do a greenhouse!!

Linda sa...

Vad annat kan jag säga än att du är helt fantastisk på alla sätt och vis!! Så grymma grejer!!

AnnaB sa...

Men wow...! Hur coolt är inte växthuset då...!!! Superkul..!