fredag 21 maj 2010

No angel

No, she's no angel, my daughter. Even though she might look like one with her blonde hair and pretty smile. But the girl has attitude, to say the least. Right now she is driving her poor brother crazy running after him trying to snatch his brand new Nintendo DS. He bought it today, after saving for ages, so he isn't quite ready to lend it to her just yet.
Yesterday, she wasn't an angel either, but she was the bravest little girl you can imagine. She had to have a tooth pulled out, and that was not a pretty sight. Blood, screaming, you get the picture. But they did give her some tranquilliser, so she doesn't remember any of it. She is just happy today that she managed to lose her tooth before big brother lost his, which has been loose for ages, and that she actually had a visit from the tooth fairy last night. Oh, and she also remembers filling up the water cup in the dentist's office. So it all turned out to be a positive experience for her in the end. And that hideous broken tooth, that had caused an infection in her poor little mouth, is now gone, and that is such a relief.

All the supplies for this layout is from Scraplagret.
Have a nice Friday evening!

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