lördag 5 maj 2012

It's starting to look like a proper home!

This will not be a scrappy post. Last weekend I finally put together the couches for the living room, and finally, it turned out just as cosy as I wanted it. So I wanted to show you a couple of pictures of it.
 Here are the sofas - two Ektorp from Ikea. The table was already in the house when we bought it. I just painted it white. The curtain rods are quite funny. They were used for drying hay back in the old days, and I have a barn full of them. So far, I've made these curtain rods, a ladder for hanging blankets and a tepee for the kids from them.
 I managed to squeeze in a little writing corner next to one of the couches, too. The window is standing there waiting for a fresh coat of paint, and then to be put back where it belongs - in the skylight in one of the rooms upstairs.

I have to show you a photo of my little girl from earlier today too. We took a walk along the Blekinge hiking trail, which passes just a few meters from our place.We went all the way to Järnavik, which is about three kilometers from here, had a picknick on the cliffs high above the sea, and then we went back home to the farm again.
Can you imagine - this little one didn't complain once during the walk. She was too busy exploring different kinds of trees, ants and butterflies. We think we saw a buzzard too, which flew up from some trees just as we passed, but we didn't see it all that clearly through all the branches, so we're not sure. It might have been a kite too, because we've been seeing a few of those around lately.

Have a nice Saturday!

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