onsdag 16 maj 2012

Let your imagination soar

Here's a layout for you today that I made with the Huntington Garden collection from Riddersholm Design. I just love those cute little ballons, so I cut them out and used foam adhesive to make them pop a little. Then I added some bakers twine, and that's about it.
Now, imagine that I used a proper camera to take that photo of Agnes instead of my iPhone. It would be so much better, right? All in all, I've become lazy, and most of the time I use the iPhone instead of taking out the proper camera. I have a Canon EOS 400D, that I love dearly, but I have been a bit too busy to nurture my interest in photography lately, so the Canon has more or less been sitting on a shelf only to be taken down when I need to photograph a layout or some other papercrafted item for the blogs and galleries. The iPhone is so much easier to use, since I carry it with me all the time. However, the spark i needed to rekindle my photography interest came yesterday, when I got a Canon EOS 60D in my hands, and was able to take it out for a test shoot. I loved it! The idea of upgrading to a 60D has struck me before, but I never knew that the difference between it and my dear old 400D would be that big. It can do things my 400D cannot, and I think I really, really need one. I took this photo yesterday, and this is what came out, totally unedited (I just cropped it a little)
Have a nice day, everyone! I am enjoying it a little bit extra, since I'm not going back to work again until Monday!

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