fredag 18 maj 2012

Just another crazy day.

When you have two houses... and live in one of them, but spend three out of four weekends in the other house... guess what you will be stuck doing during the fourth weekend? Yes, you are probably guessing right - cleaning the house! You know, that normal round of tidying and wiping you do on Friday after work to get the house all fresh before the weekend - IT JUST DOESN'T HAPPEN! And the laundry that you normally wash, fold and put away over the weekend, it gets washed and put in the dryer in a state of half-panic on Sunday night. So, as much as I would like to get out in the sunny weather today, and go to the crop at KiAs butik tonight - well... no, there's no chance.

Anyway, sneaking onto the blog and post a layout doesn't take too long. And you need breaks, right? Here's my wonderful girlie on a layout made for Scraplagret.
So, have a nice Friday everyone. I'm grabbing the rag again. Off to dust...

2 kommentarer:

Jozebelle sa...

Wonderful LO

Gitte sa...

viunderligt lay out og billedet er så godt