söndag 3 mars 2013

A determined little lady

Here's a layout with the Huntington Garden collection from Riddersholm Design. It's Agnes on the photo, having fun in the rain. I really like how she combined her raincoat with those tiny little shorts and wellies... She's such a crazy, silly girl, that one.
You can pop over to the Riddersholm blog if you would like to read some more about the layout.

We've had a really calm and nice weekend. The sun has been shining a lot, and as usual, the first real sunny days of spring have revealed something horrible... my extremely dirty windows. I hate cleaning windows, mostly because I'm no good at it. I just can't get them clean enough, and there's always some annoying stripe or stain left when I think I'm done. Of course I won't notice it until the next time the sun comes on. Ugh... Anyway, I caved in and cleaned the kitchen windows today. That was all I had time for, but it feels good to have at least that done. Now I only have the rest of the house... and then the farmhouse on top of that. Sigh.

Anyway, tomorrow's Monday, and a new week full of adventures awaits! Have a good one!

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