måndag 25 mars 2013

Natural born crafter

My daughter is crazy about crafting. She doesn't scrap so much, but you often find her sitting with paper, glue, scissors and all sorts of things whe wants to recycle. Toilet paper rolls is all the rage right now, mostly because there is a television show on every saturday where the characters are toilet paper roll dolls, crafted and sent in by kids. Lord have mercy on the poor soul who dares to trow an empty roll away, because he och she will be scolded by Agnes, be so sure. So, we save the rolls for her, and (almost) everything else she claims she needs for her crafting, and slowly our dining room is turning into a dump from her stash. Only yesterday, she and I had a serious argument over an empty candy bag, which she really, really needed. I barely won that one, and the greasy bag ended up in the trash.

Here's a layout I made for challenge #42 at Challenge Me Happy. I was inspired by the colors in the photo, and the feathers, and since I had some papers from Pion Design's "Alma's Sewing Room" on my desk, with exactly the colors I had in mind, I could get right on it.
Have a great week, everyone!

4 kommentarer:

Heidi sa...

gorgeous layout, love the title, thanks for joining us at CMH

Theresa ~ Pion Design sa...

Så fantastiskt fin ♥

norine sa...

Really, really gorgeous layout and great take on the challenge photo!! Thanks for joining us this week at CMH!!

Marie/Mison sa...

Snygg! Snygg! Kul att du joinar oss hos CMH! Gillar Svenska bidrag ;)