söndag 16 mars 2014

Finding peace

Sometimes it feels like you are about to seriously freak out, because of all the things going on in your life. Like now, for instance, when I'm trying to make everything work out between work and home, and spring is just around the corner with tons of activities popping up just because of that. Also, in two week I'm off for a few days in Austria, to visit a school there and try to make connections for future projects. There is tons of fun coming up, but also tons of worries.

In moments like that, I turn to nature for finding peace. I disappear into the woods, or out to sea, and just clear my mind from everything.

Like this. The sun, the wind and the sea. The open views. There's nothing quite like it to take your mind off of everything. I need my sea "fix" at least once a week, and then I'm fine with everything else. I wonder if a mountain "fix" can do the same thing when I'm in Austria?
The layout is based on a sketch from Hobbyworld. I've been toying around with it for a bit, but I think most of the sketch elements are still visible :-)

Happy scrapping, everyone!

5 kommentarer:

Tesa sa...

Vilken underbar tolkning av min skiss:)
Kul att du är med i månadens tävling hos Hobbyworld.
Kram Therese/Tesa

Lisa H sa...

Åh så fin layout! :)
Tack för ditt bidrag hos Hobbyworld!

Malin ~ Lillpiga sa...

Så himla snygg, Jenny!! Galet snygg! Tack för att du är med och tävlar hos oss på Hobbyworld. :)

Mvh Malin

Tettiz sa...

En sån ljuvlig LO! Jag älskar bakgrunden med molnen och att det ser så härligt "stökigt" ut!

Tack för att du är med och utmanas i Hobbyworlds tävling!

HelenaN sa...

Hej Jenny!
Vet inte om du har sett det men du är en av våra tre vinnare i mars tävling :)

Maila mig på helena@hobbyworld.se för mer information om din vinst :)