fredag 14 mars 2014

SST round 4 #Layout

Yes, I'm still in :-)
But there are so many contestants having left the Supreme Scrap Tournament, and all of those still in are extremely talented, so I am pretty sure this will be the last round for me.

My layout was done many days ago, but I've been just a bit too busy at work this week to get home in time to photograph it in decent daylight. Today, I finally made it, after a day full of lesson-planning and teaching. I suddenly found myself trying to juggle a names-in-a-hat-app on my iPhone, a bluetooth remote for the computer (for changing pictures in a digital presentation) and a sheet of paper with main points for that presentation, in an effort to teach a class of tired 14-year-olds something about strategies for writing... That's when you realise it's time to go home, enjoy your weekend and try not to be a teacher for at least two days. AND photograph your layout while there's still daylight.

So, the challenge this round was to make a double layout with at least eight photos and three hidden elements. I added four hidden elements, two of which contained hidden photos. The first one is a small box which opens up... reveal a piece of paper with some journaling on it. The lid is on a hinge, to allow it to be opened and closed, while still attached to the layout.
The next one is also based on a hinge, with a photo which opens up to reveal another photo beneath.
This one is pulled out, with some journaling written on it.
Last, but not least, a spinner that, if you pull the little paper flap,reveals yet another photo.
I guess I don't have to tell you that I had tons of fun makin this one... I love challenges like that!
Have a great Friday night, everyone. Myself, I 'm going to pour myself a glass of red wine and celebrate the fact that it's Friday. ;-)

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