lördag 4 juli 2009

Some photos, for a change...

OK, P has a thing for old mopeds. I've been teasing him about it, I've been calling them junk, I've been angry when my laundry room occasionally has been used for storing them, and most of all, I've been laughing with my girlfriends over the fact that some men never get older than fifteen. I've been pretty mean... And then he brings home this old scooter.

When everyone else sees a heap of junk, P sees a treasure, and I must admit, I see some potential. I see potential for really great photos. I see beautiful lines. I see props. I see a project I can document with scrapbooking... I think it's cool.
Well, it's in pieces, and it's covered in dust and filth (patina, P says), but P is a moped wiz, so he will get this one running in no time. There's a few parts missing, but we know they still are where the scooter came from, it's just a matter of finding them.
Just look at these cool, worn leather straps.
The logo. And the filth. Can you see how dirty it is? It's called a Husqvarna Corona, and I think it's pretty rare. When it was new, it was introduced as the perfect moped for the houswife, easy to drive, safe, and with the possibility to put on a child seat. LOL, imagine going shopping with this one.
Anyway, who knows? I might just go on one of P's moped races with him some time in the future. I just need to find a matching helmet.

2 kommentarer:

AnnaB sa...

Å, jag älskar fotona...!!! Härliga...!

TxScrapAddict sa...

I think it's beautiful! I love old, worn, patinaed, things!