måndag 27 juli 2009

Daddy Style Gift Wrapping

I made this layout for the July Challenge at Webster's pages. The challenge was to scrap about something related to birthdays, and I decided to make a layout about P's habit of wrapping all of his gifts to us in newspaper and insulating tape. And who cares about how it's wrapped as long as there's something wonderful inside, right? Yeah, sometimes you find a lovely spade underneath that newspaper (yes, I actually got that for Mother's day once), but this time it was a box full of absolutely magical things - science stuff! Albin is, after all, going to be a scientist when he grows up, with a secret underground lab somewhere in the US. Our entire house is full of his little experiments and inventions, so what a perfect gift it was!
I can't wait for the new Webster's collections to hit the stores. And G45. And Lily Bee. And Pink Paislee... They are all so fabulous.

I guess my bank account will suffer a lot...


2 kommentarer:

Arby sa...

Lovely! Those papers are just devine! I know somone that makes all their cards from old cereal boxes! So the wrapping thing does not suprise me!

Willea sa...

Åh, så vacker!! Och jag kan bara hålla med dig om alla nya papperskollektionerna - precis de vill jag ha! :)