måndag 27 juli 2009

Daddy Style Gift Wrapping

I made this layout for the July Challenge at Webster's pages. The challenge was to scrap about something related to birthdays, and I decided to make a layout about P's habit of wrapping all of his gifts to us in newspaper and insulating tape. And who cares about how it's wrapped as long as there's something wonderful inside, right? Yeah, sometimes you find a lovely spade underneath that newspaper (yes, I actually got that for Mother's day once), but this time it was a box full of absolutely magical things - science stuff! Albin is, after all, going to be a scientist when he grows up, with a secret underground lab somewhere in the US. Our entire house is full of his little experiments and inventions, so what a perfect gift it was!
I can't wait for the new Webster's collections to hit the stores. And G45. And Lily Bee. And Pink Paislee... They are all so fabulous.

I guess my bank account will suffer a lot...


fredag 24 juli 2009

Some DT-stuff for Mima's

A few weeks ago, I got a package from Mima's with GORGEOUS papers and things from Little Yellow Bicycle. I was thrilled when I opened it, and I loved working with those papers.

The first layout is with photos from last year's vacation on the west coast of Sweden.
Do you remember my scooter? Of course, I couldn't help myself from scrapping about it...
This is my favourite, from a trip to the Zoo. I wanted to make the most out of the overlay arrow, so I placed a few photos underneath it and bound it on to the layout with my Bind-It-All.
Underneath the arrow, I put the journaling. I wanted to make room for a lot of photos and a lot of journaling, and thus I came up with this solution.
That's all for tonight, dear scrappy friends out there in the world. Have a wonderful weekend, all of you.

torsdag 23 juli 2009

My inspiration

I draw my inspiration from so many places. It can be an item I stumble across in a store, begging to be altered. It can be a piece of jewellery someone is wearing. It can be a fabulous layout I spot in a gallery or on a blog somewhere, and put in my inspirationfile on my computer. It can be something as simple as an ad in a magazine. It can also be a collection of scrapbook supplies and other things lying around somewhere in my scraproom. So I created an inspiration box, where I can put those things in one place. Right now it contains the gorgeous Webster's pages trims I got last week, various flowers, a few frames waiting to be altered, some chipboard coasters, some cord, a sequin string, my precious glimmer mists and distress inks and a couple of Maya Road pins. There is also a bottle of Scrappy Glue in there, and that is for a really good reason - I have some! I finished off my last bottle of scrappy glue early spring, I think, and haven't been able to get hold of it since. So I've been forced to use Scotch strong and precise glue, and I don't like that at all. But now I have my beloved Scrappy Glue again! YAY!
I'm sure the contents of this box will change a lot with the trends and seasons. But it's great to have all these things gathered in one place for now. Oh, and you do spot the Graphic 45 paper I glued on using my Scrappy Glue, don't you?

Ouch! I'd better log off now, because I have midges in my scraproom. The window is open, and they are drawn to the lamp in here. And they bite like crazy, those little bastards!

Have a wonderful weekend, all of you dear blog readers!

måndag 20 juli 2009

A not so productive weekend

At least not as productive as I had wished for. I was planning to play along with a bunch of challenges some of the girls at The Nook had for us, but I only had time to finish two of them. And now, looking back, what the heck did I do this weekend? Well, I scrapped Friday night, visited the Baltic Festival saturday (and had a yummy "Smålandsrulle"), did some laundry, and that's about it, I guess. Oh, no, we did go to see a movie yesterday night too. A really great Swedish detective story. I loved it.

I did however complete two of the challenges. The first one I found at Camilla's blog, where she wanted us to scrap a romantic layout. I made this one, with a photo of my DS and his sweet little girlfriend. Aren't they cute? I hope it's romantic enough, Camilla!
The next layout is based on a sketch I found at sweet Zarah's blog. She's an awesome sketchmaker, that girl! The title means "You are so alike", and they are alike, my little man and my big man, aren't they? Totally gorgeous, both of them.And then I have a little toot to share - look at this!
Amazing, isn't it? Thank you so much, Ruth, for your kind words. I'm blushing here! ♥

tisdag 14 juli 2009

♥ So the love story continues...♥

I got news a couple of hours ago about me being chosen to guest design for GRAPHIC 45!!! Can you believe that? It's freakin FABULOUS! I have loved their papers since the first time I laid my hands on one of them, which I believe was around this time last year when I found one in a store while on vacation. I've hoarded those papers. I've made layout after layout, and altered stuff for every corner of my house. I could seriously wallpaper my entirer house with them if it were possible. And now I get to guest design for them!

What better way to celebrate that then showing you what I was up to last night. I've seen these little pinwheels everywhere, lately, and I so wanted to try. I think they turned out really cute! I think I'll make some for the kids' rooms too, because I love making them so much. And then I had to alter a little jar to keep them in. It used to contain chipboard letters, but it was so much more needed for housing my little pinwheel flowers.
Then I found this letter rack in town the other day. And here is actually the fist G45 paper I found. Well, it's not the actual paper, but one just the same, from the Times Nouveau collection. And then I've added some Communique tags and some decorations too. It's perfect for keeping letters and stuff in, and my altered address book fit perfectly into it as well. I've used stamps from Stempelglede's Grunge Collection to give the paper a grungier look.
Bye for now. I'm going to try to unwind and get some sleep. If that's possible.
Hugs from a very happy Jenny.

måndag 13 juli 2009

The Nook July kit

The July kit is packed with papers from Basic Grey's Lemonade line. It's really cute and perfect for layouts about my little girl, who really loves fooling around in front of the camera. Oh, and look at the yellow T-shirt she is wearing on the picture. I found it on sale last week, and she loves it!
Here's another layout from this kit. I love this picture of Agnes, and I love the BG doily paper. It's perfect for backgrounds. I just wish I had ordered a few extra.
That's all for now. Thanks for stopping by.

söndag 12 juli 2009

A card for Jeanette

My friend Jeanette had a birthday party yesterday. It was a perfect party, with nice company, good food, a few glasses of wine, great weather and no mosquitos (!) I made her this card with fabulous PP from Webster's pages.
I made the little birdcage ages ago for a project that never got finished, so this was a perfect opportunity to use it. I found a challenge at Mon Ame Memories, to use an ad for inspiration, where there was an old birdcage.
The thickers are sanded, inked, sprayed with glimmmermist, covered with distress stickles and then with ranger Crackle Accents. And I'm sorry, Jeanette, for revealing your age to the world like this, but we all know how young at heart you are, and that you don't look half your age ;).
Then the kids made cards too. Agnes made this one for daddy:
And Albin made this one for Jeanette:

fredag 10 juli 2009

Nook kits ROCK

Yesterday, I picked up the July kit and the July limited edition kit, and they are both gorgeous. The ltd kit was packed with Websters Pages papers, and here's the tree layouts I finished yesterday. I just couldn't stop! The first one is of Agnes with her blueberry cake, which she was so proud of. We bought this little mould in town, and she was so anxious to use it.
The next one is about Albin's plans for the future. He has decided that he is going to move to the US when he's old enough. He wants to be a race car mechanic, and a scientist, and he wants to play baseball too. The best place to be for that is the US, he has decided. I hope he changes his mind, because I'd like to keep him closer to home when he grows up.
In the kit, there was a package of Jenni Bowlin crepe paper ribbon, which I took one look at and ordered some pink ones too. They are fabulous to work with. Love them!
The kids and I were goofing around in the garden the other day, and I got this photo, which is rather funny. They are a bit wild and crazy, my kids, and always fun to be around. Life with them is never boring.
Detail photo of the bunting.
That's all for today. I'm off to make a couple of cards now. Thanks for stopping by, and have a great weekend.

I ♥ Graphic 45

Guess you all know that by now. But guess what? This week, Graphic 45 ♥ me too... check this out!

måndag 6 juli 2009

A whole bunch of layouts

Here are a few G45 layouts. The first one is of A and P, a favourite photo for sure. The title means Every boy needs a hero. PP from Playtime Past.

I've paper pieced the little fire truck, a technique I used to use a lot, but that was ages ago. Thanks to a challenge at Mon Ame Memories I made this one.
This one is with papers from Botanicabella. The photo is from the other day, when I went for a walk around my family´s farm. I love this view over the fields and woods. This place is very dear to me, and it has a lot of history. Here's another photo from the farm - the old maple tree that has been gurading the gate for ages. I made this layout for the July challenge at the G45 site - to use at least tree different G45 lines on a layout, and to have white space on it. White space was a real challenge to me, because I hardly ever have that on a layout, but it worked and I was also inspired to have a lot of white space on the layout above. I've used five G45 lines - Playtimes past, Botanicabella, Fashionista, Times Nouveau and Communique. And guess what? This layout has been voted onto the top ten list at 2Peas!!! How cool is that?And last, but not least, my little beach fashionista. She got a new "kini" the other week, and she loves it dearly. Though she did lose the top somewhere... The fan was a leftover piece from the banner.
Thanks for stopping by.

söndag 5 juli 2009

G45 altered stuff

The people at Graphic 45 are searching the ning gallery for possible guest designers, and who am I to resist such an opportunity when it comes to my favourite papers in the world. So I'm flooding the gallery with stuff. And who knows, maybe something I made will catch someone's eyes. There competition is tough, because there are so many talented people who submit to the G45 gallery, but there's no harm in trying, is it? And I can deal with rejection. It's not a big thing.

I bought this star lantern for Christmas. I've been thinking about it since, trying to figure out how to alter in in a neat way. This is how it turned out. I have one more to alter, then I will try to hang them from the ceiling somewhere in the hall.
I stumbled across this key cabinbet in a local interior decoration shop, and I fell in love. I wallpapered the inside with pp and added some tags and pictures, and then I decorated the door. This project was almost instantly featured at the G45 gallery. How cool is that?
Then I made this banner for my hall. I was so pleased with the fan layout in the Cosmo post that I wanted to use that shape for something else too. And it turned out pretty OK.
I have quite a few layouts made too, lately, but I will try to upload them later, or perhaps tomorrow. Have a nice sunday!

lördag 4 juli 2009

Some photos, for a change...

OK, P has a thing for old mopeds. I've been teasing him about it, I've been calling them junk, I've been angry when my laundry room occasionally has been used for storing them, and most of all, I've been laughing with my girlfriends over the fact that some men never get older than fifteen. I've been pretty mean... And then he brings home this old scooter.

When everyone else sees a heap of junk, P sees a treasure, and I must admit, I see some potential. I see potential for really great photos. I see beautiful lines. I see props. I see a project I can document with scrapbooking... I think it's cool.
Well, it's in pieces, and it's covered in dust and filth (patina, P says), but P is a moped wiz, so he will get this one running in no time. There's a few parts missing, but we know they still are where the scooter came from, it's just a matter of finding them.
Just look at these cool, worn leather straps.
The logo. And the filth. Can you see how dirty it is? It's called a Husqvarna Corona, and I think it's pretty rare. When it was new, it was introduced as the perfect moped for the houswife, easy to drive, safe, and with the possibility to put on a child seat. LOL, imagine going shopping with this one.
Anyway, who knows? I might just go on one of P's moped races with him some time in the future. I just need to find a matching helmet.

torsdag 2 juli 2009

My spinner album

I told you about the spinner album I was making for Zutter, from their spinner album kit. I swear, it's one of the funniest projects I've ever made, and I love how it turned out. However, it was really difficult to photograph, since I just can't help myself from putting all those bulky embellishments there, so the pages don't stay open without someone holding them open, and that someone had to be me. So, I ended up putting the camera on the table in front of the album, supporting it with the lens cap (good for more than protecting the lens, that one) to get the right angle and then I held the pages open with one hand and pressed the button with the other. Yes, I think I need to get a remote for the camera. That would really make these kinds of things easier, LOL.
The other day I got the greatest package from the US - the entire Fashionista collection, which I won in the May challenge at G45. And that is great, because I was almost out of Fashionista papers.

That's all for today, everyone. And thank you for your sweet, sweet comments about my Cosmo Cricket post.