torsdag 6 augusti 2009

A little bit of each

I've started working on the photos I took when we were on vacation. Here's a layout with a few from the water tower in Örebro, "the mushroom". The view was fabulous up there, and Albin loved it. He's so fascinated with how things work out, and water towers have been a hot topic lately. We have one here, which actually looks quite a lot like a musroom too, and he's been wondering a lot about it. In daycare, when all the children were drawing houses, Albin drew a house with a clutter of lines underneath. That was all the pipes leading to and from the house.

Inside this water tower was a room where a guide told the children all about how the water tower works and they could do a lot of experiments. Guess if my little boy was in paradise! But outside, he wasn't that thrilled at first. We were pretty high up, and the view was fantastic, but for my little boy it was a bit scary. He did take a look at the view eventually, and agreed that it was pretty amazing after all. The MME papers are from the lovely store Stellas, where I go internet shopping every now and then, and actually got a chance to visit IRL last week.
Yesterday, my friend Jeanette was over with her cute little monsters so they could play with my little monsters, and we did manage to scrap a little in all the commotion. But there was something strange going on here yesterday. It seems as if Jules Verne payed a visit to my toilet... Hmm, I wonder.

Anyway, I altered this jewellery hanger that I bought at a Panduro Hobby store last week. I've wanted one for ages, and of course (what else?) I had to use some Graphic 45 Fashionsta papers.
And if you look really closely at one of the bracelets on the hanger - lo and behold, it's made from Graphic 45 papers! I've glued them onto Tim Holtz fragments using glossy accents, covered them with more glossy accents and decorated with rhinestones. Yup, now I can even wear Graphic 45 stuff. Am I obsessed or what? LOL!
Oh, and I seem to be in a real flow now when it comes to challenges. I managed to win the July challenge at Websters' pages with the layout about P's giftwrapping a few posts back. Guess if he was cocky about that. Moreover, I won the July Challenge at Graphic 45 too! I'm shocked! But thrilled, of course. So there's a loooot of goodies heading in my direction, in other words. :)
But right now, this place seems awfully empty from goodies. I have nothing at home that feels inspiring to work with. So in the meantime, while I'm waiting for all these goodies to arrive, I'm clearing out my scrapspace, trying to make room for everything that's coming. Tomorrow, I hope at least the new Nook kit will arrive. Keep your fingers crossed, people.

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AnnaB sa...

Å vilken fantastiskt smyckeshängare...!!!! Såååå fin!

Scrappy Nan sa...

love the jewelry hanger. i need to do something like that. i also like the "mushroom"!!!

Arby sa...

Just beautiful! Love your LO and your jewelry hanger! Great job as usual!!

Wildärtan sa...

Oh så snyggt!!