fredag 7 augusti 2009

My tidy room.

I've made a major reoragnization of my room these last couple of days. And now I'm done. It's tiny and it's crammed but it's mine and I love it. I wouldn't mind a bigger room though, but there's just no more space in our house.

My desk with some work in progress. You see, some of the girls at the Nook MB challenged me to use some of my old stuff while I'm anxiously waiting for some new stuff to drop by. So I dug out the oldest stuff I had. I usually get rid of old stuff when I realize I won't be able to use it, but I've hoarded some Bo Bunny papers for years, and now it was finally time to use them. It's funny to see how differently the outcome is with these papers now, compared with what I made from them back then :)
Here are my albums and a pile of layouts that need to be put in albums. You think that's many? Well, I have two more piles this size... But they are on a shelf you do not get to see, the shelf where I store all my Zutter stuff, and I haven't had time to tidy that one yet.
My laptop, which I love dearly. I just hope it lives a little bit longer than the old one. And you can see which part of the internet I spend the most of my time at. And the Twilight movie is there because I watched it yesterday while scrapping. For the, like, 20th time. :)
Lots of embellishments on this shelf. I need to reorganize that a little,but for now it works with these different boxes and baskets and stuff. I also have a few tools here, my blue Bind-It-All (the pink one is in its bag on the floor), my Scor-It and my Cuttlebug.
Well, I did have another picture, but I think Blogger just ate it or something... But I think you get an idea of what it looks like, and how tiny it is.

5 kommentarer:

DrAnnika sa...

I like it!
Very close to everything - not like me who needs to get up and get things all the time!!

Maries Pysselblogg sa...

Det ser väldigt inspirerande ut att sätta sig där och scrappa!

Ruth sa...

I think it looks perfect!! How do you store your layouts though..most of mine won't fit into the album sleeves and are just in boxes?

Wildärtan sa...

Det där tycker jag är jättestort, jag har en superliten hörna där det aldrig är nån ordning... Jag vill flytta till ett riktigt hus!

Stacey Michaud sa...

Looks great!