söndag 23 augusti 2009


Finally, I have taken time to edit and upload pics of a few layouts I've been making. Does anybody remember these old papers? Bo Bunny Heart Throb... I bought these about 3 years ago, when I had just discovered scrapbooking. Well, I didn't buy them at first, I managed to win a few of them and then I bought a whole lot more. I loved them back then, and even though I've cleared out my paper stash and sold and given papers away more than once, I haven't been able to part with these. So then I sat here, with absolutely nothing to do, no new papers, nothing inspiring at all to work with. Some of the girls at the Nook challenged me to use some of the old stuff, and this is what I dug out. And I had a blast!
And while I'm anxiously awaiting the new papers from Graphic 45, I'm using some of the very old ones as well. I managed to get this photo of Albin last weekend, and I love it so much. It's so him, so sweet and adorable. And those big blue eyes of his. It's so funny, he's such a curious little boy, interested in learning and he wants to know everything about everything. When he was a newborn, the nurses at the hospital went on and on about his big, wide open, curious eyes, and the fact that he slept very little. Already then, he didn't want to miss out on anything around him, as curious then as now. And he is getting so big, a school boy already.
This is also a photo I love - Albin and his dad walking on a dirt road together. It's from our vacation. We were heading out into the woods, looking for blueberries. And we found lots of them, more than enough to bake a really yummy blueberry cake. Oh, and I have to give credit to P for the second photo on this layout. He took care of the camera for me while I was picking berries, and even though he claims to be totally ignorant of these things, occasionally he takes a great picture or two I love how he captured the sun shinig down through the trees. It is a bit dark here though.
That's all for today, dear blog readers.
Have a great Sunday!

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Ruth sa...

Thanks for sharing these three wonderful layouts..you did a great job using up those old papers and giving them a new fresh twist...I too still have lots of OLD papers...yuck!!lol!

SundayL sa...

These are lovely layouts and I have included your post in my this week's roundup over on my weekly blog.
I too have lots of old stash to use up and I may well do that by scraplifting from one of your lovely designs here (if you don't mind) I will let you know when I have made one.
Thank you for sharing your work.
Warm Wishes, SundayL

Cissi sa...

Härligt fina LO´s!
Ha en trevlig lördagskväll!
Kram Cissi