söndag 9 augusti 2009

The Nook kit arrived...

...and it's absolutely perfect for vacation layouts. The only thing not perfekt about it is that none of the add-ons I ordered were there, but I'm confident that the people at the Nook are doing their best to locate the wereabouts of my goodies and make sure I get them. In the meantime, I'm scrapping with what I have, and that's plenty of stuff indeed.

First a few pictures from our roadtrip. Albin helped me choosing papers for this one. He has quite good taste, hasn't he?
This layout is from our first longer stop on the road, Vadstena with a really impressive castle. Yeah, I have a thing for castles. I'm so impressed that people were able to build these huge, massive buildings way back in time. Just for the fun of it, I made the layout in the shape of a stop sign.
That's all layouts I have to show you for now. The kids and I are preparing and slowly getting used to the idea of the summer holiday drawing near its end. A bit sad, but there are tons of fun coming our way this autumn, so we're fine with it :) And I still have plenty of summer photos to scrap.

2 kommentarer:

Jessica sa...

Gud vilka fina LO:s du har gjort gilar den första väldigt mycket tycker du fått den klockren!!

Willea sa...

Underbara layouter!! Så snygga former på båda och de här pappren passar verkligen dig! Hoppas dina add-ons kommer tillrätta snart :)