lördag 5 september 2009

It's September!

It's already September! I can't believe how time flies. Somehow it seems as if those long lazy summer holiday days never really existed, but in my imagination. It's a good thing I have all my photos to prove it really happened.

But September isn't all bad. I have really enjoyed getting back to work and setting up the everyday routines again. Once again I am reminded why I chose to become a teacher. It must be the greatest job in the world. It has it ups and downs, of course, as any other job, but the kids I teach make it all worthwhile.

September is the month when we finally can say goodbye to those awful mosquitos and midges we have had flying around here all summer. It turns out I've developed some sort of hypersensitivity to those little buggers all of a sudden. They have never bothered me much before, oh well, they have bitten me awfully much, always, but I have never before reacted to those bites the way I do now. Twice in less than a week, my right arm has swollen from midge bites. This morning I was in so much pain from a bite just below my elbow. The swelling has started to settle down now, but it still hurts.

Another reason why I like September, and always have, is that my birthday is in this month. It's tomorrow, no, wait, it's actually past midnight here, so Happy Birthday to me! I wonder if I'm getting a news-paper wrapped present tomorrow...

Speaking of presents, I made this wall hanging for a very sweet littel girl I know. I had my hopes up to get it ready for her birtday, but I didn't make it, so she will be getting it the next time I see her. I have used some 4" Zutter Clipboard Wood covers for this, and bound them with my dear Bind-It-All. And since this little girlie is into everything pink and romantic, pink and romantic is what she gets. The papers are from the Graphic 45 line Baby to Bride, and the flowers are from Prima most of them.

September is also the month I'm guest designing for Graphic 45, but unfortunately, the goodies I'm supposed to work with haven't reached this distant part of the world just yet. I was counting on them to show up here some time this week, so I have been hurrying home to the mailbox every day, but nothing has shown up yet. Oh well, it's just another thing to look forward to this month.
And there is one more thing that makes me happy it's finally September. This month's kit from The Nook is the most fantastic kit yet. It just has to be. And it's on its way here right now!
Oh, and I hope September will allow me to update my blog more often than August did. I have loads of stuff to show you, it's just a matter of finding the time to blog it.
Anyway, happy September, dear blog readers. Get out there in the cool, crisp air and watch the leaves changing colours. Have a great weekend, all of you.

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