tisdag 8 september 2009

For ever

No, I'm not out of Webster's just yet. I only have a few scraps left from the Postcards from Paris line after I made this layout. There's plenty left from Nature's Storybook, though.

This layout is inspired by a sketch I found at Ljuva Änglar's blog. This photo was the result of a less fortunate photoshoot this summer. Not one single photo turned out right, but this is kind of fun anyway, because it shows the esscense of my little crazy girlie, always up for a laugh and always goofing around. You just can't help loving her.
And a little detail:
That's all for today. Now I'm going to go back into my frustrated waiting for things that never seem to turn up. No, I haven't got the package from Graphic 45, which I am supposed to guest design for this month, and no, I haven't got the Nook kit, which I hoped would be here today, and no, I cannot track down any of them since I don't have a tracking number for one of them, and the tracking number I have for the other one doesn't work. Arrrggggh! Either both packages are stuck in customs, or there is a postman or postwoman out there somewhere having a blast with my goodies! Oh well, there's always tomorrow... Let's just hope at least something will turn up then.

7 kommentarer:

Torill sa...

Så kjekt at du likte skissen min! Og denne Loen var utrolig flott!!
Vennlig hilsen torill

enitsirk sa...

Knallfin LO:-)
Mvh kristine

queen-of-nostalgia sa...

Gorgeous! I hope the postman gets there soon... ;)

Ruth sa...

Such a pretty happy accident with the photos....we had 2 parcels go missing this week.....I sure wish I was your postie!!

Willea sa...

Åh, så vacker!! Precis som de andra du gjort med Websters nya papper - underbara! *vill också ha de papperna* ;)


Ljuva Änglar sa...

Grattis Jeja!
Ditt bidrag med din ljuvliga LO har blivit utvald som vår nr1(extra vinst)!
Vinsten kommer med posten;)
Läs mer på Ljuva Änglars blogg!

Grattiskramar från Eva

Zarah sa...

Heeelt underbar!