tisdag 15 september 2009

My fall book

How many of you can seriously say that you like fall? Oh, yes, it is lovely with the cool, crisp (I love that word, crisp) air, and the colors of the leaves and harvest time and all that. Yes, that part is nice. But it's getting darker... and darker... and darker. Here, where I live, we rarely get snow, so late fall and winter is all about darkness. Dreary dark days when the sun hardly manages to break through the clouds, ice cold rain, and mud everywhere. No, seriously, I hate fall, and I hate the snowless winter here.

So, what do you do then to stay sane during this time? Yes, you focus on the good things! And I have plenty to look forward to. School holidays in October (and we get three days off, YAY, scrappy time), Ladies Night in November, you Swedish girls know what that's all about, and then we are hosting a crop here in itty-bitty Bräkne-Hoby also in November.

And then there are all the fun activities you can do with the family as well, and all the good food you can make with the abundance of fresh fruit and vegetables now. So I've made this little album from a Zutter Cover-All and Amber Road papers, to document the funny things we do in fall, and to write down the recipes we try this year. Hopefully this will make fall a little funnier.

I have rubbed in Distress Ink Black Soot all over the Cover-All, which was brown from the beginning.
I have used Chipboard covers, covered in PP, and black inner pages for photos and cut out recipes and stuff, plus I have added some note book pages to write down my own recipes and notes.
Come to think of it, there's a lot to look forward to this fall. Yes, it will probably be a great one this year.

2 kommentarer:

ulrika_m sa...

Oooh ... jag älskar hösten och med ett album som ditt blir det ju bara ännu bättre! Själv tänder jag levande ljus, bakar paj och njuter med en filt omkring mig och en god bok i händerna ... hösten är en underbar tid för mig, fast jag vet att det är många som har svårt för den mörka perioden. Kram!

LynneForsythe sa...

Jeja....YOU ROCK...this is an absolutely gorgerous album....the Distressliciousness of it is amazing....keep up the great work!