fredag 10 oktober 2008


Wow, second update for today, and it's not even noon yet. Well, I have a sick little girl at home today, so I have to stay at home from work and wipe her runny nose and so on. Right now she's watching Disney Channel, so I sneaked in here and took a few minutes to finish up this layout.

You know, sometimes you see a photo that you just have to scrap. This is one of them. I took it last saturday, of my friends' little girl, and isn't this the cutest little face you have ever seen? Look at those eyes, and that smile! She's adorable this little one. And I know her mum wants to scrap the picture I took right after this one, of this little face buried in the biggest hamburger you've ever seen *LOL*, so I took the liberty to make something of this one. Jeanette, do you have room in their albums? It seems like the pile I have here for them is growing steadily... ;-)

And please excuse the poor quality of the photo. It's really cloudy here today, so it's difficult to get a good shot.

3 kommentarer:

Katrin sa...

Vilken söt LO... Snyggt med en bakgrund som inte är raktfyrkantig

Ha det gott!

voodoo vixen sa...

Oh yes, a heartbreaker in the making with those eyes... love the shape of the page and the colours are stunning.

Mette sa...

Mmmm så söt! Hela layout är bara så underbar! :)